About Me

I am a PhD researcher at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision working on control and machine learning for robotics. My research focuses on how to effectively exploit prior and structural knowledge in deep reinforcement learning in order to guide and accelerate training. I am also interested in the safe deployment of RL policies on real robots. Feel free to contact me on krishan.rana@hdr.qut.edu.au.


  1. Rana, K., Milford, M., & Sünderhauf, N. “Residual Skill Policies: Learning an Adaptable Skill Space for Reinforcement Learning for Robotics” Under Review Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L)
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  2. Rana, K., Dasagi, V., Haviland, J., Milford, M., & Sünderhauf, N. “Zero-Shot Uncertainty-Aware Deployment of Simulation Trained Policies on Real-World Robots” NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Deployable Decision Making in Embodied Systems (DDM) | Spotlight
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  3. Rana, K., Dasagi, V., Haviland, J., Milford, M., & Sünderhauf, N. “Bayesian Controller Fusion: Leveraging Control Priors in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotics” [Under review for The International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)]
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  4. Rana, K., Dasagi, V., Talbot, B., Milford, M., & Sunderhauf, N. (2020). “Multiplicative Controller Fusion: Leveraging Algorithmic Priors for Sample-efficient Reinforcement Learning and Safe Sim-To-Real Transfer”. 2020 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
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  5. Rana, K., Talbot, B., Milford, M., & Sünderhauf, N. (2020). “Residual Reactive Navigation: Combining Classical and Learned Navigation Strategies For Deployment in Unknown Environments”. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 11493-11499.
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  6. Melnik, A., Harter, A., Limberg, C., Rana, K., Sünderhauf, N., & Ritter, H. “Critic Guided Segmentation of Rewarding Objects in First Person Views”. German Conference of Artificial Intelligence, 2021.

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  8. Coppin, T., Palmer, D.W., Rana, K., Dansereau, D., Collins, M., Atchison, D., Roberts, J., Crawford, R., & Jaiprakash, A. (2021). “Design of a Focused Light Field Fundus Camera for Retinal Imaging”. [Under review for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (T-MI)]


  1. Ophthalmic Imaging Apparatus and System
    Patent Number au2017901153
    A. Jaiprakash, D. Palmer, D. G. Dansereau, T. Coppin, K. Rana, J. Roberts, R. Crawford

  2. Method and System for Calibrating an Ophthalmic Imager
    Patent Number au2018900513
    D. Palmer, T. Coppin, K. Rana


UA-DAAD Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme Project: Sample-efficient learning for autonomous agents in complex hierarchical, and sparse environments

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